Money generating planet is the most important planet in the modern world. The very first question one asks today is as to when and from what source he would have some flow of wealth.

Generally speaking the concerned houses are 2, 5 ,9 and 11th. Jupiter is the karaka for wealth. Venus as a great benefic is incarnation of goddess Lakshmi. If well placed in the horoscope, bestows immense wealth during its Dasha or Period. In this connection Ascendant is also very important. A strong Ascendant or it’s lord counteracts against many evil dispositions of the horoscope. The position of the Lagna lord in various houes will show the means in which his efforts will give most useful results. It will also show the directions in which his/her efforts will be fruitful.

While examining the 2nd House the 12th house should also be seen. A person may have much money but he/she might still be miser. To know this it is important to study disposition of the 12th house of expenditure. Affliction to 12th house gives a mean mentality and cruel temperament.

Fourth house also plays a major role in giving weath to a person as it represents real estate and vehicles. Affliction to the fourth house makes one short tempered, hard hearted and sensual. Fourth house is the nadir of underworld. It means secret aims and secret reserves or funds. If the fourth house is trong there will always be reserve funds and person will be away from want. The horoscope of many Rich persons show that there is connection between the first and the fourth house or their lords.

There are certain combinations which if found in Horoscope gives much wealth:

  1. Venus in the 5th as fifth lord while Mars in the 11th house. This applies to Capricorn and Gemini Ascendants. It means 5th lord in the 5th house and 11th lord in the eleventh house gives lot of wealth.
  2. Mars in the 5th as 5th lord and Venus is in the 11th as 11th lord.
  3. Mercury in the 5th as fifth lord and Jupiter alongwith Moon and Mars is i nthe 11th house. Here Moon & Jupiter form Gajkesari yoga.
  4. Moon as the 5th Lord in fifth house and Saturn as 11th lord in eleventh house.
  5. Sun in the 5th as 5th lord while Saturn, Moon and Jupiter are i nthe eleventh house.Here again Saturn is in own house in 11th and Jupiter, Moon form Gaj-kesari yoga.
  6. Saturn in the 5th as 5th lord while Sun and Moon are in 11.
  7. If Ascendant lord has exchanged placed with the 4th lord one is very wealthy.
  8. Lord of first and second house, related to each other causes 4 kinds of Dhanayogas.
  9. Saturn-Moon combinations in Upachaya houses, 3,6, 10 and 11 houses and also 5th house generate huge wealth.
  10. In 2,6,9, and 11, combination of Sun and Saturn is good for wealth.
  11. One is supposed to acquire great wealth if one amongst Moon,Jupiter, Venus and Mercury is exaltated in 2nd house.
  12. If Atmakaraka is in Benefic Rashi/Navamsa the native will be wealthy. If there are Benefics on Karkamsa Lagna he will be super Rich. Atma karaka in Jaimini astrology is the planet which has the highest longitude in the horoscope. In this the nodes Rahu/Ketu are not counted.
  13. Saturn in the second house aspected by Mercury gives much wealth.
  14. Sun in Ascendant in it’s own sign, conjuct or aspected by Mars and Jupiter promises weath and hapiness. Here Jupiter and Mars are the 5th and 9th Lords.
  15. If majority of the planets are in 1,2,6, 8 and 12 or in 2,1 or 7, one comes up high in the life by a stroke of luck. He/she gets unexpected wealth by inheritence.
  16. Lords of 6th and 11th houses combined and placed in 11th house brings luck in Gambling and Lottery, but if this combination is in 12th it means loss.
  17. If Lord of 6th house is with unafflicted mercury and Moon is in 11th one gets wealth through stock market. Mercury as lord of 5th in 6th makes one lose in speculation.
  18. 5 and 11 combination with Rahu Kety gives sudden gains and surprises.
  19. If Mercury and Venus are in 1,5 or 9 one becomes very Rich.


  • If there are planets in 12th House from Ascendant or Pad-Lagna, the person will spend more than he/she earns.
  • If 6,8 or 12 from Lagna becomes Arudha Lagna one is devoid of wealth and prosperity.


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