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Make your horoscope online for FREE ! This is probably the first online tool which gives FREE Predictions instantly. These predictions are derived using ancient Vedic Astrology system involving complex calculations on the Planet Positions in your Birth Horoscope. Detailed Horoscope and predictions is made available once the system produces the Free Horoscope with given birth details.

It is important you enter accurate time and date of Birth. If you are NOT sure about DST of your birth place, google it up to find DST at your Birth Place, for INDIA DST is ZERO. Longitude and Latitude would automatically be filled in once you select Place of birth.

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What you get

  • Free Horoscope Detailed divisional charts,shadbala and dasha system.
  • Free Predictions Thorough overall predictions for the user.
  • Dasha Predictions Deep insight on the promises of each dasha period.
  • Rajyoga Analysis Check whether wealth & status giving combinations are active.
  • Remedies Simple remedies to get best of current running planetary period.
  • Gem Stone Precise Gem-Stone recommendations to boost your wealth, relationship and career prospects.
  • Match Making Coming soon...

We have built state of art engine to produce accurate predictions with help of Astrologers with massive experience.